• Thursday 19 September 2019

I have been photographing people and places for as long as I can remember— and making Web sites and music for almost as long. This site is a combination of all these.

People often ask, “Why Hey Brian?”

The name came about during a hill tribes trek in northern Thailand. A fellow Brit on the trek was asking me questions about places I’ve been—about Africa, other parts of Asia and the Middle East. He phrased each question like this: “Hey Brian, when’s a good time to go to Myanmar?“ and “Hey Brian, is Eritrea safe to visit?”

After a series of questions, this same lad looked me in the eyes and jokingly annonced, “Hey Brian, you should start a webiste called Hey Brian.” The Brit then told me he was in marketing and communications back home in mother England. I noted his advice.

Once the trek ended, I ran to a local internet cafe in Chiang Mai, logged onto Domain Investigator, and snagged this URL, which, by luck, had just expired the month prior. What luck! The rest is history. Enjoy.