Tallinn, Estonia


Fire sunset silhouettes at the Patkuli viewing platform, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Fairy tale land, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Wearing chainmail and wielding a sword, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Central Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Central square, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Modern Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Towers at sunset, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Sketching Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Fairy tale sunset, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Night scene in Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Statoil station, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


View from the Dome Church, Tallinn, Estonia — June 28, 2016


Carpatair to Tallinn, Estonia — June 27, 2016

Estonia Journal

Monday, June 27, 2016 — Tallinn

I board Carpatair 7126 and depart from ARN Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 6:40pm. We land at TLL Tallinn Airport at 8:50pm. For around five Euros I Uber from the airport to the Nordic Hotel Forum and check in. I take an evening walk around Tallinn old town and catch an incredible sunset from the Kohtu street viewing platform. I meet some local Estonians and we take photos next to the words "The Times we had".

Tuesday, June 28 — Tallinn

The hotel breakfast is quite good and includes excellent cured salmon, herring, white fish, deli meats, brown bread and fruit. Why can't breakfasts back home in American hotels be this good? After breakfast I embark on a long walk and first head by the Port of Tallinn and visit a massive brick chimney that I later learn is the former Tallinn Power Plant, which ceased operation in 1979. It is now houses the Tallinn Creative Hub or Kultuurikatel. I then visit the abandoned Linnahall, a multi-purpose venue built by Russia for the 1980 Olympics for sailing events. I climb the Patkuli stairs and catch a superb mid-morning view atop the limestone Toompea hill. I visit Tallinn St. Mary's Cathedral and climb the bell tower for excellent views. I continue touring the old town and find a museum of knights armor where I wear on chainmail whilst wielding a sword. I have lunch at the Vegan Restoran V and order tasty vegetable soup, beet salad and local red wine. I head back to hotel and take an afternoon swim at the hotel's indoor pool. After changing, I walk back to the old town, around the main square and catch a perfect sunset at Patkuli viewing platform. This is a must-do. I run into another traveler from Minsk, Belarus and we hang out at an open-air bar. I walk a bit further until my iPhone says I walked over 40,000 steps today, or around 16.44 miles. Here is a map of my walk from the morning.

Wednesdy, June 29 — London

I devour another excellent hotel breakfast, focusing on the salmon, cheese, dark bread and fruit. I take a morning walk around the old town and then check out of the hotel and Uber back to TLL Tallinn Airport. I board Ryanair 2224 and we take off from TLL Tallinn Airport at high noon. We land at STN London Stansted Airport at 12:55pm.